The New Thinking Habit


This page is dedicated to Coaching through Solution Focus, a special and specific way of creating dialogue when we are looking for solutions. This is a very simple process that demands curiosity, open-mindedness and creativity. Usually people who are interested are those who want to discover their best self, bring something valuable to the world and let life happen.

Based on future-oriented and thought-provoking questions, on active listening, and on your imagination, we can work together in an ordered way so that you reach your own solutions for whatever is important to you. We can ease your journey forward to the place you want to be, be that at home life, work, relationships, attitude, well-being or lifestyle.

So what brings you here? The trigger might be people in your life, your environment or yourself.

It might be something specific like:
› relationships
› habits
› work
› a personal goal or challenge

Or it might be something more vague such as
› finding more drive
› feeling more confident
› trusting your decisions
› not knowing what you want or what feels wrong

Whatever the impetus, together we can turn it into a concrete plan that will make a difference. By the end of our work together, you can expect to have:
› a clear picture of what you really want
› concrete ideas on how to get it
› a realistic plan of what to do
› better insight into your potential and resources that will take you there

We both know that you can’t wait. We will therefore work in the most direct way. That means:
Briefly. You can expect that you will need 3-5 sessions, before you reset and move on.
Simply: You may expect a common-sense discussion and a process that is already familiar to you.
Logically: You will easily understand how to benefit from this thinking process even when on your own.

We can work face-to-face or online, indoors or outdoors, in a formal or casual environment and create the framework that you feel most comfortable to work in, while learning.

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