What is Solution Focused Coaching?

What is Coaching?
Coaching as defined by the International Coach Federation is a partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

How does it work?
Personal coaching is based on discussion sessions of 60 minutes. Through thought-provoking and non-standard questions, we will, refocus on what really matters and redirect you to your ambitions.
Team-work coaching largely depends on the needs of the group and is, therefore, tailored accordingly. It is based on exercises that foster interaction and boost the search for solutions, mining out what is plausible and planning concrete steps that fit actual life.

Where do sessions take place?
Regular sessions are held in Athens, Brussels and Thessaloniki (where I’m currently based). Skype sessions are also a viable option for those who prefer to work from their own space thus saving time and transport.

Who is it for?
People who believe they can bring the changes they dream of in their professional and/or personal life and who are in search of a key to unlock the energy, creativity, inspiration and strength that will take them there.

Who is it not for?
People whose mind is set on the belief that their problem is unsolvable as well as for those for whom personal development and growth is not a priority.

Is it like psychotherapy?
No. While psychotherapy focuses on emotions and the past, coaching is based on finding out a specific set of actions that will re-balance your personal life and re-orient you to the future path you originally wanted to undertake.
Solution Focus is not a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or mental health care, but rather a way to support people to build up on their strengths.

Does coaching really work?
Yes it does, but the core ingredients for success lie in your hands. You need determination to walk the road and commitment to challenge yourself and invest in your best qualities.

What is the Solution Focused approach and what is special about it? 
Solution Focus was born in the ‘80s at the University of Winsconsin of the United States by the psychotherapists Insoo Kim Berg, inventor of the “miracle question” and Steve de Shazer, the “grand old man of family therapy”. While working with people that were mentally healthy but wanted to bring change in their lives, the two psychologists realised that many were giving up because they found the process time-consuming and costly.

In order to overcome this difficulty they conducted many years of research, seeking a method that would bring results as soon as possible. This is how Solution Focus was developed.

Even though Solution Focus finds its roots in psychology, today it is constantly gaining ground in the fields of coaching, medicine, mediation, management and more. It is built upon elements of the philosophy of constructivism, chaos theory, cybernetics, systemic theory and communication.

What are the Solution Focus principles? 
The principles are very simple:
› everything is easier when we know what we want
› the simpler, the better
› small steps bring big changes
› we don’t have to change everything!

What are the benefits? 
After a Solution Focused coaching session, most often people feel surprised as they discover that:
› what they thought they wanted is not what they really want
› they can create choice where they could only see a dead-end
› they have many more resources than they expected
› there is much in their life that is already working well, which they hadn’t noticed
› they have the answers and don’t need someone else to tell them what to do

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