Coaching Plain & Simple


exofillo bookCan a book offer us solutions for whatever we need? Probably not. But it can offer us all we need in order to learn how to build solutions.

In the early ‘80s a team of researchers, with Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer at its core, were eager to discover the shortest path to finding a solution. Based on the science of psychology and communication as well as on philosophy, they devoted their lives to observing people who wanted to leave problems behind. After years of research they managed to map the process through which we build solutions for our life, ourselves, our work, family, dreams, long-term future plans or simply those of the next day. This process was named Solution Focus for it puts the focus on the solution instead of the problem and challenges us to reconsider the way we have been facing problems up to now. Peter Szabó and Daniel Meier, having achieved mastery of Solution Focus as a coaching tool, summarised this knowledge and generously offer it to us, in the pages that follow, in a way that is succinct, simple and easy to grasp.

As a coach, I see proof every day, through my work that the Solution Focus approach leads to greater integrity when making choices, more responsible decisions and -ultimately- to a way of thinking that is more liberated. The initiative to translate this book sprung from the belief that its publication in Greek will contribute to the spread of a different approach to challenges, especially today when the need for solutions seems to be more urgent than ever.

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